NEEDS&WANTS Paper Issue 03
[Collector's Edition]

This issue featuring:  Editorial essays shot by Tyler Adams & Liam MacRae. The #cameraroll series w/ @maximovdima, @ashleyroweofficial, @mikediamond, @uniformjournal, @fredrikrisvik, @kateloveshorses, @emilykatz, @philliptannand, @therealrobford & @lindseybakes. Open Concept (Container 001) by @jiin.wav—notes/design c/o Swim Club + A photo essay through Rio De Janeiro, Los Angeles & Singapore + A retrospective of painter @hikristofferson (Kristofferson San Pablo). Cover photo: Geron McKinley shot by @tylradams. LIMITED EDITION *Magazine ships in high clarity film bag.* SHIPPING + HANDLING Calculated at checkout. Follow #needsandwantspaper on Instagram.

DETAILS:  24 pages, offset-printed, 23" x 39” —full size: double gate fold to 24" x 9.75"then Z fold to 8” x 9.75" (roll fold), full 4/4 colour on uncoated (recycled) paper. Text in English—Printed in Canada.


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