We’re continuing our deliberate clash of refined sport, this time in palette and material. The crisscrossing pre-starched yarns of this linen shirt act almost like raw denim—fading and forming to the wearer’s body while the fibres act as an absorbent to moisture. Past convictions that wrinkled shirts feel unkept are overlooked in our modern rendition. Linen’s organic nature makes it not only an appropriate Summer fabric, but an insulator through the autumn months. This, too, can be considered our ode to the tradition of wear and tear.

The elongated back hem for these shirts falls 36 inches, creating a fishtail shirt end. Likewise, we’ve extended the sleeve length: barrel, arm, cuff and all to allow for layering or bunch cuffing.

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› Features long sleeves, double needle finishes, elongated back hem and corner-cut pocket. Slim fitting, mid-weight pre-starched (unlaundered), non-stretching fabric. Fits true to size.

› DRY CLEAN OR HANDWASHUpon purchase you will immediately receive a PDF guide on caring for this shirt.

› 100% pure linenMade in Toronto.


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