"The        fact        that the jackets so closely resemble       the       classic varsity jacket truly is the key to their appeal.     As     a     sublimely executed play on subtle mono-chroming, the decision to feature but one sleeve in leather surprisingly places an even greater emphasis on the luxurious nature of covetable materials."

Founded in 2013, NEEDS&WANTS is a Canadian label known for its subtly luxe takes on outerwear staples like satin baseball jackets with one arm made in a contrasting color or fabric, adding a tasteful twist to otherwise versatile garments. Designer Sean Brown has expanded his line to include complementing pieces like fuzzy half-zip fleece layers, fur-collared bomber jackets, and elongated tail shirting, which tends to sell out on the brand’s web shop.
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For many retailers, the value of a brick-and-mortar presence is its dependability: Customers know when and where they can go to browse products firsthand. But for online sportswear brand NEEDS&WANTS, whose first showroom launched this month, a physical store represents another chance to celebrate the spontaniety of the the digital world.
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What makes one objectively better than the other? A sense of nuance, which is what this NEEDS&WANTS version has. It’s got a lone leather sleeve that may be off-putting to fans of symmetry, but the quilted lining and leather accents at the pockets certainly add to its appeal, and the murdered-out color scheme isn’t gonna get played out anytime soon—or ever. It’s sort of a way to channel that whole “exaggerated proportions” thing a lot of Internet menswear addicts are going for, without looking outlandish outside of a major city. 
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Yo guys, I’m going to have to swear more than normally in this f*cking post because these f*cking varsity jackets are out of f*cking control. One sleeve is in f*cking contrast leather and one is in wool and it’s all for f*cking $425??? Watch your f*cking back, Golden Bear. NEEDS&WANTS is coming for you on the affordable swagged the f*ck out varsity jacket tip or whatever. Personally, I think the black version with the one white sleeve is the shit. That joint will have you looking like the f*cking Allen Iverson of the varsity game. And the long, quilted varsity jacket thing is straight f*cking flamez! F*CK!
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I’ll be the first to admit: I can be somewhat fastidious about the details. I have, for instance, taken steam, sweat, and, quite nearly, tears to a sport coat’s left lapel, which sat just a bit differently than the right, all in an attemptto press into congruency with its mate. So, yes: I am, more often than not, a fan of symmetry. But a new riff on the classic varsity jacket by Toronto-based NEEDS&WANTS has me rethinking my position. 
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