Based in Toronto but with contributors and stories from all over the world, NEEDS&WANTS' Paper is a bi annual in-print series of independent content [published by #needsandwantsstudios] exploring the synergy between fashion, art, architecture and travel—all at once. This isn’t the refuse of what we couldn’t fit into our clothes, presentation, or social media. It is not what our clothes lack, but a full scope of everything else NEEDS&WANTS' is. Our palpable view of culture and ideas best presented on the printed page.” —Frank Carraciolo @f_i_c (editor)



DETAILS: 24 pages, offset-printed, 23" x 39”—full size: double gate fold to 24" x 9.75" then Z fold to 8” x 9.75" (roll fold), full 4/4 colour on uncoated (recycled) paper. Text in English—Printed in Canada. This issue featuring:  Editorial essays shot by Tyler Adams & Liam MacRae. The #cameraroll series w/ @maximovdima, @ashleyroweofficial, @mikediamond, @uniformjournal, @fredrikrisvik, @kateloveshorses, @emilykatz, @philliptannand, @therealrobford & @lindseybakes. Open Concept (Container 001) by @jiin.wav—notes/design c/o Swim Club + A photo essay through Rio De Janeiro, Los Angeles & Singapore + A retrospective of painter @hikristofferson (Kristofferson San Pablo). Cover photo: Geron McKinley shot by @tylradams *Magazine ships in string-tie mailer.* SHIPPING + HANDLING Calculated at checkout. #joinourconversation Follow @needsandwantspaper on instagram. Click here to order your copy of our latest issue.