NEEDS&WANTS Studios began as a Toronto based luxury sportswear brand centred around one idea—a quality of life defined not by accumulation but rather a paring down to the essentials, designed for the aesthete of understated taste and international sensibility. 

Since the brands inception in 2013, our idea of well rounded living has been inspired by but not limited to design, travel, flora and architecture—evolving from a line of seasonal outerwear to a brand emphasizing on multidisciplinary design. We have now expanded the collection adding shirts, hoodies, home fragrance and a bi-annual publication to our growing output. 

There is an art to presenting minimalism without being empty, scarce, and uninviting. Our approach to design is concentrated and intentional, neither presenting too much nor eschewing most or all. It is this seemingly irreverent take on traditional sportswear that allows us to manipulate contemporary #menswear.  

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