NEEDS&WANTS Paper Issue 04

Everything seems 20/20 in retrospect, but the universe isn’t ever that simple or easy to discern. Passion is. All the stories and visual works in Issue 04 embody this thought, of individuals following their intuition by working through a lexicon of images and influences, translating their particular perspective cinematically, artistically, and with honesty; whether through words, drawings and photographs, and trusting that that will be enough. Because we all need to create and connect.

In this issue: Chi Modu, Michelle LeFade, Daniel Goodman, Frank Caracciolo, Frida Banks, Neva Wireko, The Historic Grand Prix, Liz Gardner, Fenn Blue, Alyse Goodacre, Sofia El Arabi, Natalie James, Olivia K Hamilton, Leticia Hutchings, Nina Hama, Tyler Adams.

Cover photo: Tupac Shakur shot by Chi Modu. *Newspaper ships in reclosable static shield bag.* SHIPPING + HANDLING Calculated at checkout. Follow #needsandwantspaper on Instagram.

DETAILS:  24 pages (half fold, unstitched), offset-printed, flat size: 11.625” x 16.187” — full size: 23.25” x 16.187”, 4/4 colour on uncoated (100% recycled) paper. Text in English—Printed in Canada.


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